At NUCEPT we believe that effective planning and strategic consulting can ensure that your Information Management and Governance Systems can optimized to improve operational efficiency.

Our team is experienced in the implementation of Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS), specialising in HP Records Manager. Our expert consultants can help you meet regulatory, environment and operational requirements.

The NUCEPT consultation services include:

  • Project Management
    Applying the appropriate processes, methods and technologies to define and meet the client’s outcomes and timeframe
  • Business Analysis
    Recognising the how the client’s information is delivered and accessed at various levels of the organisation, in order to design the necessary infrastructure
  • Strategic Planning
    Ensuring our HPE Solutions match the immediate and long term objectives of the client’s organisation.
  • Change management
    Selecting the necessary process and resources to develop an effective implementation strategy
  • Solution Design
    Implementing the HPE Solutions that will maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the client’s organisation by streamlining the information discovery process. These Information Systems will be customised to meet the needs of end users and power users at various levels of the organisation
  • Information assessments
    Understanding the client’s content and how it is used, in order to ensure compliance with legal and operational needs
  • Key Stakeholders
    Capturing the attention of the right people

NUCEPT also provides consultation for the migration of data to and from HPE RM and various EDRMS, as well as specialised Training services offered on an as-needed basis.